Current: Starclan
Past: Thunderclan
Names: Kit: Briarkit

Apprentice: Briarpaw

Warrior: Briarlight

Starclan: Briarlight

Members: Mother: Millie

Father: Graystripe

Brother: Bumblestripe

Sister: Blossomfall

Half-brother: Stormfur

Half-sister: Feathertail

Mentor(s): Mentor(s): Thornclaw

Briarlight is a dark brown she-cat, with a broken lower spine, sleek, glossy fur, sky-blue eyes[1], firm shoulder muscles, powerful forepaws, and inoperable rear legs.

briarlight died of a sickness in river of fire.

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In the New Prophecy SeriesEdit


Brairkit is born to Graystripe and Millie, with her brother, Bumblekit and her sister, Blossomkit.
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Long ShadowsEdit

Leafpool and Jaypaw start to worry for her as she begins to catch her mother's cough. It gets worse and Briarkit and Millie move into the medicine den. After Poppyfrost and Jaypaw bring back all that is left of the catmint, Millie insists on giving it all to Briarkit. Leafpool refuses and says that Millie has already worsened and developed greencough.

While Millie is getting some fresh air, Briarkit weakly tries to play with Millie, asking her if she can act like a mouse so she could catch her. She ends in a bout of coughing, and Jaypaw tells her that he has brought fresh bedding that she can have a nice sleep in, but Briarkit protests that she doesn't want to sleep. Later, she fears that her mother will die, wailing that if Millie does die, she will never see her again, because she doesn't know the way to StarClan. Leafpool reassures her that Millie will come get her when it's time. They move to the abandoned Twoleg nest with the other cats who had caught greencough. As Millie is getting close to the edge of death, Briarkit is seen trying to find milk. Honeyfern attempts to encourage the kit to eat a mouse, but Briarkit refuses and wails that she wants her mother. She looks much healthier later as she plays with the other kits after the outbreak ends.


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In the Omen of the Stars SeriesEdit

The Fourth ApprenticeEdit

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Fading EchoesEdit

She is crushed by a tree along with Longtail, but she comes out alive. However, she is paralyzed from the waist down.

She is also made a warrior in this book.

Night WhispersEdit

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Sign of the MoonEdit

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The Forgotten WarriorEdit

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The Last HopeEdit

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  • Vicky has confirmed her injuries are permanent.
  • Her mother, Millie, was a kittypet, so she has kittypet blood.

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References and CitationsEdit

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