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""You're still beautiful to me. You always will be.""
Cloudtail to Lostface in A Dangerous Path, page 264
Current: ThunderClan
Past: LionClan (Modern)
Lostface,[3] Brightheart[4]
Snowbush, Dewnose
Ambermoon, Whitewing
Brackenfur, Thornclaw
Mentor(s): Whitestorm,[5] Cloudtail (unofficially)[6]
Apprentice(s): Jayfeather[7]
Book Appearances
Living: Into the Wild, Fire and Ice, Forest of Secrets, Rising Storm, A Dangerous Path, The Darkest Hour, Firestar's Quest, Midnight, Moonrise, Dawn, Starlight, Twilight, Sunset, The Sight, Dark River, Outcast, Eclipse, Long Shadows, Sunrise, The Fourth Apprentice, Fading Echoes, Night Whispers, Sign of the Moon, The Forgotten Warrior, The Last Hope, A Clan in Need, The Heart of a Warrior, The Lost Warrior, Secrets of the Clans, Cats of the Clans, Battles of the Clans, After Sunset: The Right Choice?, The Clans Decide, Hollyleaf's Story

Brightheart is a white she-cat with ginger patches along her back, a ginger tail,[1] a soft, thick pelt, and blue eyes, one of which is missing.[8] She has one ear shredded on the left side, fur torn away from a part of her face, and claw marks on her muzzle.


In the Super Edition Series Edit

Firestar's QuestEdit

Brightheart is seen as a queen. She spends a lot of time with her mate, Cloudtail. She acts as a surrogate to Sorrelpaw, Rainpaw and Sootpaw after they lose their mother. She defends Firestar when he decides to leave ThunderClan for a while, reassuring every cat that StarClan had never let them down, and they should trust them to keep Firestar safe on his quest.
In the epilogue, Brightheart gives birth to Whitekit. She warns her kit to be careful around Firestar and Sandstorm's kits.

In the Original SeriesEdit

Into the WildEdit

She is a daughter of Frostfur, and has three siblings, although they are not mentioned by name. Later, when they go missing, it is thought that they had been kidnapped by Yellowfang, but the real culprit is Clawface, who is also responsible for the death of Spottedleaf.Edit

They are later fetched by a group of older ShadowClan cats, who are driven out of their Clan by Brokenstar for defying him and his evil reign. They are accompanied by a ThunderClan patrol, as they were looking to get back their stolen kits. The group, including the ThunderClan cats, contains Yellowfang, Ashfur, Nightpelt, Dawncloud, Whitestorm, Firepaw, Graypaw, and Darkstripe. The kits are found and taken home by the patrol.Edit

Fire and IceEdit

Brightkit is not shown much in the book. Her two siblings are made apprentices.

Forest of SecretsEdit

She becomes an apprentice, known as Brightpaw, along with her brother, Thornpaw. During their ceremony, when Bluestar invites the two kits forward, she follows her brother's lead in a calm manner. After Thornpaw receives Mousefur as his mentor, she receives Whitestorm as her mentor. She waits for him to cross the clearing with her eyes shining. Whitestorm welcomes Brightpaw and touches noses with her, then escorting her back into the crowd.Edit

Later, Sandstorm says that Brightpaw and her brother went out hunting with their mentors mentioning that the two apprentices were excited as ever.Edit

When Fireheart is temporarily demoted to an apprentice and walks into the apprentices' den, Brightpaw and Thornpaw stare at him with large, wide eyes as if not quite believing what they're seeing.Edit

After the Clan has gotten over the shock of Graystripe's kits, Thornpaw and Brightpaw are rolling around in a play fight while Swiftpaw looks on.Edit

Rising StormEdit

Fireheart notes that Brightpaw has been hunting very well lately, and he goes to her and asks her whether she takes her catch straight to the elders or not. Brightpaw honestly assures him that she did, hoping it is the right thing to do. Later, when Bluestar asks Fireheart where Whitestorm is, he replies that he is out training Brightpaw. At a Gathering, Fireheart listens in on Brightpaw and a ShadowClan apprentice's conversation. When the apprentice asks if ThunderClan had seen any more of the rogues, Brightpaw replies calmly, positively telling the ShadowClan apprentice that they haven't scented any of them in their territory for nearly a moon.Edit

She is later seen play-fighting with her brother, Thornpaw. Not long after the rogue attack, and when Runningwind is killed, Fireheart takes Brightpaw out hunting, and Sandstorm tags along. Later, when Brightpaw returns from a patrol, Fireheart asks her if she's ready to go hunting, and she asks if they have to go then. Fireheart says that they can leave if she's not too tired, but Brightpaw shakes her head and runs after Fireheart and Sandstorm as they leave the camp.Edit

When Brightpaw meets Ravenpaw for the first time, she is happy to know he's alive. Then, Sandstorm and Fireheart go to look for Cloudpaw and attempt a rescue. Fireheart and Sandstorm order her to go back and tell Whitestorm where they have gone, knowing he would understand. Once Cloudpaw is rescued and he returns, she greets him with a friendly nuzzle, relieved that Fireheart and Sandstorm rescued him.Edit

A Dangerous PathEdit

When Fireheart and the others arrive from the Gathering, Brightpaw is seen with Swiftpaw, running from the apprentices' den. Later she goes hunting with Cloudpaw. Brightpaw asks Whitestorm's permission before she leaves, unlike Cloudpaw, much to Fireheart's annoyance.Edit

She is seen another time when she practices her battle moves with Fireheart, Thornpaw, Cloudpaw and Swiftpaw. When Fireheart mentions that he is going to ask Bluestar if they can be warriors, she exchanges excited glances with the other apprentices.Edit

Later, when Fireheart tells his Clanmates about his plan about peace between WindClan and ThunderClan, Whitestorm decides that Brightpaw shouldn't come with them, if there would be a battle after all.Edit

When Cloudpaw is made a warrior and receives the name Cloudtail, she tries to be happy for her friend, even though the other apprentices aren't. She does, though, feel the other older apprentices should have been made warriors along with him. Swiftpaw gathers all the apprentices, and suggests they go and find what is taking the Clan's prey. Brightpaw is the only cat that agrees to go with Swiftpaw, because she is worried about him being alone. They sneak out early the next morning from an exit behind the elders den to Snakerocks, yet don't know that the predator scented is a dog pack. They try to fight, but fail. Swiftpaw dies during the attack and Brightpaw is hideously scarred, losing an eye as well as a large amount of fur on one side of her face, and having one ear shredded on her left side. When Dustpelt confronts Fireheart along with Fernpaw, Fireheart immediately gathers a patrol and set out to find them. When the patrol finds the body of Swiftpaw and Brightpaw horribly injured, they take them back to the camp. Brightpaw seems unconscious until she calls out 'pack, pack' and 'kill, kill'. This was what was in Cinderpelt's dream. The cats with her wonder what she means, but she says no more. She is then in the medicine cat's den for quite a while, having many nightmares. She also repeatedly says in her sleep, 'pack, pack' and 'kill, kill'. Cloudtail never leaves her side, showing an affectionate side that he's never shown to any other cat before.Edit

Before Cinderpelt nurses her back to health, Bluestar gives Brightpaw the cruel warrior name of Lostface, saying it is so that the memory of the dogs, and how StarClan did nothing to stop them, would always live on. Cloudtail is enraged by the fact that Bluestar had given her such a harsh name, and Bluestar remarks that StarClan would receive her as a warrior named Lostface, or they wouldn't receive her at all. Cloudtail then promises the newly named Lostface that he will never say her dreadful name.Edit

Under Fireheart's order, Lostface lives with the elders for a short amount of time, forging a close bond with them. She comforts and gets along especially well with Speckletail, who grieves for her dead son, Snowkit, who had been carried away and presumably eaten by a hawk before. She allows Speckletail to 'take care of her' in order to ease the pain of losing him. Lostface begins to get used to cats shrinking away at the sight of her horrible scars.Edit

She goes with Cloudtail, Graystripe, and Fireheart to see Cloudtail's mother, Princess, who is also Fireheart's sister, and feels hurt because Princess is terrified of Lostface's appearance. She asks to see her reflection, and when she looks into a puddle to see her face, she painfully realizes why Princess is so afraid of her. She is devastated by her injuries, but is comforted by Cloudtail's words that she is still, and will always be, beautiful to him.Edit

The Darkest HourEdit

Cloudtail insists that Firestar, now leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar's death, change Lostface's name, and the ginger-and-white warrior asks him also. He says that he isn't sure how he can change her name, though, especially because StarClan had already accepted her as Lostface. Cloudtail notes that One-eyeand Halftail couldn't have been born with those names, calling Firestar a mouse-brain. Firestar asks One-eye how to perform the rare name changing ceremony, and the elder tells him.Edit

During Thornpaw, who is now Thornclaw's, warrior ceremony, Firestar changes Lostface's name to Brightheart. She is nervous at first, but then hesitantly comes up to the Highrock. She is overjoyed when she receives her new name, Brightheart.Edit

Cloudtail then begs for Firestar to make Brightheart a full warrior, but Firestar questions this act because she can't hunt alone, and can't fight with only one eye. Cloudtail tells Firestar that he has trained Brightheart to fight with only one eye, but Firestar still is unsure. However, Cloudtail continues to bother Firestar until he finally approves.Edit

With Cloudtail's training, she is soon able to beat other cats in practice fights using fighting techniques Cloudtail made especially for her and her condition. Firestar is impressed, as well as Dustpelt, and eventually Firestar gives her permission to participate in the battle against BloodClan, and tells her that she can sleep in the warriors' den from then on, as she is now a full warrior. She is able to use her moves to her advantage in the BloodClan battle, and it is noted that she is fighting alongside Cloudtail almost all the time.Edit

In the New Prophecy SeriesEdit


When Brightheart strolls over to her mate with a newly chosen piece of fresh-kill in her mouth, Brambleclaw reminisces on the time the Clan feared that she'd never be a warrior. He mentions how Cloudtail had trained her, working out ways to overcome her blind side making it so that she can hunt and fight as well as any other warrior.Edit

As Cloudtail and Brightheart finish their meal, their daughter, Whitepaw, asks if she could go hunting with them. Cloudtail says no adding that Brackenfur is going to take her, and Brightheart purrs that Brackenfur is extremely proud of her. After Whitepaw scampers off, Brambleclaw joins Cloudtail and Brightheart in a small hunting patrol trotting off towards the gorse tunnel.Edit

Later, when Mousefur tells Brambleclaw to go on a hunting patrol before he eats again, Cloudtail offers Brambleclaw a place in his and Brightheart's hunting patrol. Brambleclaw agrees, and Cloudtail dashes off to fetch Brightheart. When Brambleclaw, Cloudtail, and Brightheart get back to camp, Silverpelt was starting to shine.Edit

During a morning, Brightheart goes to wake up Brambleclaw but notices that Brambleclaw is not in the warriors' den, or even in camp. She reports this to Mousefur, shrugging off her distress at his absence. She volunteers the possibility of Brambleclaw going out on his own to hunt and says that she and Cloudtail will go on a hunting patrol with Mousefur.Edit

During the last heat of early leaf-fall, Cloudtail and Brightheart are sharing tongues in a patch of sunlight.Edit


She is first seen reassuring her mate, Cloudtail when he whispers into her ear. Later in the book she is seen calming Cloudtail, who is frustrated that Firestar won't let the Clan go into battle against WindClan and RiverClan.Edit

She and Cloudtail later go missing, and no cat knows what had happened to them. Whitepaw, their daughter, is seen sitting outside of the apprentice's den with shock as the Clan discusses their disappearance. After, Whitepaw is extremely worried for her parents, so she begs her mentor, Brackenfur, and also Firestar to look for them but he tells her no. When Brackenfur decides to go on a hunt, Firestar tells him that he should bring along Whitepaw so she could keep an eye out for Cloudtail and Brightheart and she becomes more hopeful. Leafpaw, the medicine cat apprentice, later infers that the Twolegs are capturing Clan cats, after Mousefur struggles free of one, and she offers to go search for them near where the Twolegs are, assuming they might be there.Edit


When Leafpaw is trapped by the Twolegs and is being held in a small Twoleg nest, she tells Cody that she came looking for Brightheart and Cloudtail. Leafpaw then realizes that if Brightheart and Cloudtail were indeed captured by Twolegs, they could be in the exact same place as her. She spots Brightheart's white-and-ginger pelt and calls her name. Brightheart answers warily, and asks who had called her. Once Brightheart realizes that it is Leafpaw, she asks anyone if they know what the Twolegs might do to them, terrified at the possibilities. Brightheart later greets the rogue, Sasha, when she is brought into the nest by a Twoleg, and shows concern for the rogue Coal when he is wounded by one of the Twolegs.Edit

During the escape from the Twolegs, Leafpaw calls to Squirrelpaw to get Cloudtail and Brightheart out. Dashing into the Twoleg nest, Squirrelpaw scans the cages for the two cats. Cloudtail is free and is helping Rainwhisker open his mate's cage. When Graystripe orders everyone to leave, Squirrelpaw points out that Brightheart is still trapped, panic stricken. Graystripe soon manages to release Brightheart's cage, and Squirrelpaw spots her ginger-and-white pelt in the doorway of the nest. As Brightheart crashes through the brambles with her one eye wide and filled with fear, she gasps Graystripe's name. Cloudtail, leaping over to his mate, cried that he never should have left, licking her face with intense affection. Pushing away from Cloudtail, she informs Squirrelpaw that one of the Twolegs grabbed Graystripe.Edit

Taking a breath at the Great Sycamore after an exhausting and stressful escape, Cloudtail was licking Brightheart's ear, glad to have her safely with him. After the break, the cats are lead back to camp after encountering a patrol, and Brightheart asks if the kits are okay noticing that they're being lead to Sunningrocks rather than regular camp.Edit

When they return to the camp, she and Cloudtail shoot past the other rescued cats calling for their daughter. Whitepaw, hearing her parents call, hurtled towards her mother and father, purring with delight at their escape. While Cloudtail wraps his tail around his daughter, Brightheart fiercely licks her, glad to be back.Edit

Later, she participates in the patrol to aid ShadowClan. Upon returning, she is greeted by her daughter, Whitepaw, asking how it went and exclaiming that Brightheart's bleeding. Reassuring Whitepaw, Brightheart comments that it's only a few scratches.Edit


When the Clans reach the new territories, she comments that it is impossible to see what is down there in the dim light. As the Clans make their way down, her and her mate dart over and scoop up a kit to help Tallpoppy guide them down the slope.Edit

Brightheart later compliments Squirrelflight on finding the new ThunderClan camp asking how she found it.Edit

On the way to what will be the new ThunderClan territory, she and Cloudtail are assigned to keep guard on the opposite side of Dustpelt and Brackenfur while the Clan travels into unfamiliar territory.Edit

Later, she, Cloudtail, and Sorreltail go out on patrol to explore the territory closest to the hollow. While sniffing at a suspicious gap between the roots of a sturdy oak, Cloudtail identifies it as fox scent, and Brightheart decides that it's very stale and that a fox couldn't have been in there for moons. Sorreltail then offers to take a look inside, but Brightheart shakes her head, asking if Sorreltail's mentor ever warned her about going into strange holes and suggests they keep going as there is nothing in the hole.Edit

At Cinderpelt's discovery for the medicine cats' den, Firestar summoned Cloudtail and Brightheart to help clear out the den. By nightfall, the den was ready, with nests of moss and bracken with their help.Edit

When Firestar calls a Clan meeting to send a patrol to see what's going on with WindClan, Cloudtail, Brightheart, and Sorreltail emerge from the warriors' den. Firestar names Cloudtail and Brightheart in charge of camp while the patrol is gone.Edit

After Crowfeather saves Leafpool from falling into the hollow, Brightheart and Cloudtail burst through the thorns to see if Leafpool is okay. When Crowfeather asks what happened to the ShadowClan cats that fell over the edge, Brightheart informs him that they broke their necks. Cloudtail then begins to ask about Crowfeather, but Brightheart nudges him saying that they should get back to camp, hopefully having no more unexpected visitors.Edit


As Firestar calls a Clan meeting to discuss the dead ShadowClan warriors who fell into the hollow and broke their necks, Brightheart uncurls from her nest of moss and follows her mate outside the warriors' den. As the topic of the Clan meeting turns to training, Brightheart suggest a sheltered clearing near the camp. She states that the clearing is like the sandy hollow in the forest territories.Edit

She and Cloudtail are later sent out on a patrol to fill a badger set with Dustpelt and Rainwhisker.Edit

As the Clan is discussing what to do with Daisy and her three kits, Cloudtail makes his statement that kittypets can just as much be warriors as other cats startling Brightheart with his intensity. As the discussion simmers down, Cloudtail leads Daisy away from the center of the camp making Brightheart disconcerted at the friendship the two are making. Watching Cloudtail and Daisy walk back to the nursery, Brightheart murmurs to Whitepaw that Cloudtail is doing the right thing by comforting Daisy. Brightheart then hurries to catch up with the two and offers help to Daisy. Startled, Daisy asks about the scars on Brightheart's face. Lowering her head and turning her injured side of her face away, she responds that she was attacked by dogs. Stepping back to let Cloudtail and Daisy for into the nursery alone, Brightheart heads across the clearing to the warriors' den. Squirrelflight viewing all this pities Brightheart for Daisy's lack of control over her emotions.Edit

When Mosspelt brings news of trouble in RiverClan, Brightheart offers to help Cinderpelt while Leafpool is away. Cinderpelt gratefully accepts her offer and allows Leafpool to go help RiverClan.Edit

Rainwhisker gets a thorn stuck in his pad, Brightheart is the one who takes care of it. She vigorously licks his pad and soon pulls it out giving Rainwhisker the advice of licking his paw. Thanking her, Rainwhisker leaves. Noticing Leafpool, Brightheart acknowledges that she has returned. Before Leafpool could reply, Cinderpelt sets a few borage leaves down saying that it should help with Mousefur's fever. Picking them up, Brightheart thanks Leafpool and hurries over to the elders' den.Edit

During a session of training between Cloudtail and Daisy, Leafpool reminisces how Cloudtail had infinite patience with Brightheart after she had been attacked by the dogs. While thinking of Brightheart, Leafpool starts to head back to camp, growing a disliking at Brightheart taking over all of her own duties.Edit

At camp, as Leafpool is at the mouth of the den, Brightheart comes out to meet her exclaiming about the borage Leafpool found. She thanks Leafpool for finding the herb explaining that Mousefur's fever isn't gone yet and they had hardly any left until now. Leafpool hisses in annoyance feeling like Brightheart took on the role of medicine cat and she was just her helper. As Leafpool shares her thoughts with Cinderpelt, Cinderpelt comments that she should be patient with Brightheart.Edit

Returning to the medicine cats' den, Brightheart stood at the entrance gazing wistfully at her mate playing with Daisy's kits. She comments that he's a great mentor being patient and working out different ways to hunt and fight. Mousefur then approaches asking for some poppy seeds. In reply, Brightheart says that she is unsure to let Mousefur have a poppy seed as well as a borage leaf and advises that they go see Cinderpelt. Brightheart leads Mousefur into the den in search of Cinderpelt.Edit

When Daisy's kits get into the medicine cats' den and scatter the herbs and berries, Brightheart goes out looking for Daisy with Mousekit in her jaws. Tired of looking, Brightheart demands that Daisy come to her dropping the kit she was taking. Brightheart's good eye was blazing with anger as Daisy came to confront Brightheart with Cloudtail following. Demanding to know what happened, Daisy asks what Brightheart was doing with her kits. Brightheart retorts to Daisy that she should ask the kits what happened and then tells the kits to stop wailing as nothing has happened to them. Daisy, also furious, asks again what has happened and Brightheart angrily explains that she found the kits in the medicine cats' den surrounded by herbs all over the ground. Rounding on the kits, Brightheart inquires if the kits ate anything at all. Squirrelflight observing the quarrel, realizes that part of Brightheart's anger was fueled by the fear that the kits ate something dangerous.Edit


While crossing the clearing towards the medicine cat den, Leafpool flicks her tail summoning Brightheart. Hesitantly, Brightheart asks if she is sure she wants her help. When Leafpool approves, Brightheart's eyes gleam and she even seems to shake off a bit of her own weariness as she follows Leafpool.Edit

As the two she-cats approach Birchpaw at the same time, Leafpool, blinking gratefully, asks Brightheart if she can fetch some marigold for Birchpaw's wounds and send all cats who can walk to the medicine cat's den. With a brisk nod, Brightheart bounds off to fulfill Leafpool's requests. She comes back to Birchpaw with the marigold leaves and starts to treat his wounds.Edit

Overhearing Daisy and Cloudtail's conversation, Brightheart comments that Daisy's kits might be safe from the Twolegs now, pointing out that the kits are old enough to start catching vermin within the barn. Once Daisy vanishes inside the nursery, Brightheart comments to Cloudtail that Daisy knows what's best for her kits, and that it's possible that they could feel safer at the barn. Closing the subject of Daisy, Brightheart changes the subject and tells him to go visit Leafpool so she can check up on his torn claw.Edit

Once every cat has been checked by Leafpool or Brightheart, Brambleclaw acknowledges their efforts in healing their Clanmates.Edit

Emerging from a cleft with a bundle of herbs, Brightheart nods to Brambleclaw and then sniffs Rainwhisker and Birchpaw for any sign of infection. She comments that they're doing well and asks Brambleclaw to tell Leafpool that she's already taken some marigold to Brackenfur.Edit

Later, Brightheart quickly crosses the stone hollow with her daughter, Whitepaw. She asks Leafpool if they could go looking for more herbs. Leafpool supports the idea and remarks that they need marigold the most which can be found by the stream. Brightheart nods commenting that she knows a good spot by the stream and thanks StarClan that it's newleaf. Glowing with pleasure, she and Whitepaw bound off into the woods. Leafpool feels a rush of gratitude for Brightheart's help in the aftermath of the badger attack. By the end of the day, Brightheart and Whitepaw replenished the herb and berry supply.Edit

Pushing her way into the opening, Brightheart glances around looking for Cloudtail, until she spots him and Daisy sharing a conversation. Brambleclaw observes how hurt Brightheart looks when she spots the two spending more time together. Brambleclaw then walks up to her asking if she'd like to join the dawn patrol. Shaking her head, she responds that she promised to help Leafpool asking if they could use Whitepaw again. Brambleclaw gives his consent and Brightheart takes a step towards the apprentices' den to go call her. After a moment's hesitation, she comments oh how great it is to see him and Squirrelflight back together. With that, she bounds away to fetch Whitepaw.Edit

Later, Brightheart and Whitepaw come into the medicine cat den as Squirrelflight races out of it. Brightheart reports that she just saw to Daisy saying that she has a bellyache. Once Leafpool fetches the watermint for Daisy, Cloudtail offers to take it to her, and Brightheart snaps that she hasn't seen him being so keen to help the cats who actually fought in the battle. Turning her back, she calls to Whitepaw suggesting that they go look for juniper.Edit

When Berrykit goes missing, Brightheart tells Daisy to calm down pointing out that wailing that loudly will do nothing but upset Sorreltail. Ignoring her, Daisy continues to wail, claiming that a badger has eaten him. Brightheart rolls her eyes, and then hisses in annoyance when Daisy winds her tail around Cloudtail's neck, asking him to stay. Once Berrykit is found, Brightheart makes a nest for him in the medicine cat den, and is later given the end of his tail to bury outside the camp.Edit

After Daisy and her kits return to ThunderClan, she tells Brightheart one of the reasons she had left the Clan, besides worrying about her kits, was that she wasn't close to anyone in the Clan, not like Brightheart was with Cloudtail. Brightheart murmurs an unintelligible question, to which Daisy firmly replies, "No," adding that Cloudtail was a good warrior who loved Brightheart very much. After thanking Daisy, Brightheart leaves the nursery, looking happier.Edit

When Mudfur comes to Leafpool to help Mothwing cure an elder from greencough, Brightheart advises that she should go. Brightheart reassures that Berrykit will be fine and she knows what to give him if he wakes up. Leafpool, musing over Brightheart's words, acknowledges that it was true, and that Brightheart was an efficient helper having the knowledge of all the herbs she'd need.Edit

When Leafpool is on her way to the Moonpool with Barkface and Littlecloud, Barkface mentions Brightheart collecting marigold. Leafpool responds that Brightheart has been an immense help in healing the wounds from the badger attack.Edit

In the Power of Three SeriesEdit

The SightEdit

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Dark RiverEdit

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Long ShadowsEdit

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In the Omen of the Stars SeriesEdit

The Fourth ApprenticeEdit

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Fading EchoesEdit

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Night WhispersEdit

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Sign of the MoonEdit

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The Forgotten WarriorEdit

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The Last HopeEdit

In this book Brightheart is going to have kits. She is at first worried and asks Jayfeather if it's okay to have kits in her age. Jayfeather becomes annoyed at her because of how close the battle is against the Dark Forest. Brightheart has her kits later in the book and names them Amberkit, Snowkit, and Dewkit.

In the Ravenpaw's Path SeriesEdit

A Clan in NeedEdit

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The Heart of a WarriorEdit

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In the Lost Warrior SeriesEdit

The Lost WarriorEdit

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Secrets of the ClansEdit

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Cats of the ClansEdit

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After Sunset: The Right Choice?Edit

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Hollyleaf's StoryEdit

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