""Five Clans have lived in this forest for longer than any cat can remember. Doesn't that mean anything to you?""
— Cloudstar in [[Firestar's Quest]], page {{{page}}}
Current: Current Group
Name: Cloudstar

Cloudstar is a small, lithe,[1] pale gray tom with white patches like clouds,[2] very pale,[3] huge, water-blue eyes,[4] thorn-sharp claw tips,[5] and a neat, well shaped head.[6]

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In the Super Edition SeriesEdit

Firestar's QuestEdit

Cloudstar's first appearance is as SkyClan's leader when they were driven out of the forest. He is seen in the prologue when he brings his whole clan for the gathering. He tries to get permission to hunt in other clan's territory, for twolegs have destroyed his own. The clans refuse and SkyClan leaves the gathering, saying StarClan had betrayed them. When Birdflight moves to ThunderClan with her kits, Cloudstar whispers to her: "I'll wait for you, I'll wait for you forever."
He then begins to appear in Firestar's dreams. In one of these dreams, he and his clan are running away from the river, although Firestar cannot hear them. After Brambleclaw is given his warrior name, Firestar sees Cloudstar in a puddle. To try and figure out why Cloudstar is appearing to hum, Firestar sleeps in the Twoleg garden where Smudge lives. Cloudstar appears in his dream. He explains what happened to SkyClan and how to rebuild it.
Towards the end of the book when StarClan is giving Leafstar her nine lives, the other leaders apologize for driving them out and saying there should always be five clans. When Birdflight appears, she says Spottedpelt and Gorseclaw have chosen to walk the skies above SkyClan in honor of her ancestors.

SkyClan's DestinyEdit

He is mentioned briefly in the prologue of SkyClan's Destiny when the elders of Ancient SkyClan are talking about how they came to the gorge with Cloudstar.

In the Field Guide SeriesEdit

Cats of the ClansEdit

Rock explains how SkyClan left and moved to the gorge. He describes how Cloudstar lost everything when he left the forest, and how he had promised to wait for Birdflight when the clan was rebuilt.

Code of the ClansEdit

He is heard talking about SkyClan. He talks about his mate Birdflight and how he misses old SkyClan's home. He also speaks about how he was angry at the other clans. He talks about the new territory and not being able to find enough prey.

Battles of the ClansEdit

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