Current: RiverClan
Past: ThunderClan, TigerClan (Modern), LionClan (Modern)
Residence: StarClan and Tribe of Endless Hunting
Name: Kit: Featherkit

Apprentice: Featherpaw

Warrior: Feathertail

Members: Father: Graystripe

Mother: Silverstream

Brother: Stormfur

Foster Mother: Mosspelt

Half-Sisters: Briarlight, Blossomfall

Half-Brother: Bumblestripe

Mentor(s): Mistystar, Sandstorm (Temporarily)

Feathertail is a slender, beautiful, tall,[1] silver she-cat, with dark black tabby stripes. She has soft, tiny delicate white paws and with clear,[2] sea blue eyes, like her river home,[3] she has a soft, thick and lighter silve feathery tail.[4] She has soft, gentle ears and a warm, glowy blue gaze. She is sleek, slim and elegant she cat, she has slim legs and back legs.

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Forest of SecretsEdit

Featherkit was born to Silverstream and Graystripe along with her brother Stormfur. Silverstream dies when she gives birth. The two are given to Goldenflower to be suckled and cared for in ThunderClan. Crookedstar demands her and Stormfur to live and be cared for in RiverClan. Bluestar refuses at first, but Graystripe insists to stop the two Clans from fighting. She is last seen being carried to RiverClan's territory by Graystripe, who goes to live in RiverClan too.


She has SkyClan blood, because her grandfather, Patchpelt, is Spottedleaf's sister.

In Cats of the Clans, her mentor is mistakenly said to be Stonefur, not Mistystar. Page 68.

When Crowpaw got his warrior name, he requested Crowfeather, after her. He then sat vigil at her grave.

Her grandmother, Willowbreeze, was part WindClan, so she has WindClan blood.

She has been described with a flecked gray pelt. Midnight, page 169.

In Crookedstar's Promise and The Lost Warrior, she is portrayed without stripes. In the ending mangas.

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