""I've dreamed of this mountain path so many times since Honeyfern died. I want to see her so much, and I can hear her calling to me from somewhere up there.""
— Poppyfrost about Honeyfern in The Fourth Apprentice, page 192

Current: Current Group
Name: Honeyfern
Book Appearances
Honeyfern is a dappled[1], light brown tabby she-cat[2] with blue eyes.[3]

History Edit

In the New Prophecy Series... Edit

Twilight Edit

Honeykit is born to Sorreltail and Brackenfur during the badger attack, upon which kills the ThunderClan Medicine Cat, Cinderpelt. She is born along with her siblings Poppykit, Molekit, and Cinderkit, who was named after Cinderpelt.

Sunset Edit

Honeykit is not yet an apprentice, appearing as one of the youngest kits in ThunderClan.

In the Power of Three series... Edit

The Sight Edit

Honeykit becomes Sandstorm's apprentice, Now holding the name Honeypaw between Sunset and The Sight. She first appears sharing tongues with her sisters, reminding Hollykit of their mother, Sorreltail.

Later, it is inferred that Honeypaw was guarding the entrance, for when Mothwing and Willowpaw arrive, she sets off the alarm. Sandstorm hurries up to Honeypaw, to see her apprentice feeling ashamed. Honeypaw confesses that she didn't know it was them, but she only smelt RiverClan. Sandstorm says she understands and she did the right thing.

She is seen play-fighting with Poppypaw outside the Apprentice's Den right before Hollykit, Jaykit and Lionkit are made apprentices.

Honeypaw is the only one in the den on Jaypaw's second day of apprenticeship. He talks to her a bit, but leaves shortly afterwards.

Dark River Edit

Honeypaw first appears on the Dawn Patrol with Sandstorm, Dustpelt and Hazelpaw.

She is continuing her training, appearing to have a liking towards Lionpaw. When Ashfur gets frustrated with his apprentice for missing some prey, Honeypaw defends him. Lionpaw refuses though, thus missing the vole.


It was confirmed by Erin that Honeypaw might have a crush on the "golden apprentice."

Erin said she was killed so there was a reason for deathberries in the camp.

References Edit

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