""Stop pretending, Leafpaw. To me, StarClan, our warrior ancestors, these signs we're supposed to interpret--they're nothing but a bunch of stories to keep the Clans happy.""
— Mothwing admitting her disbelief in StarClan in [[Starlight, page 248]], page {{{page}}}
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Current: Current Group
Name: Mothwing
Mothwing is a triangular faced[1] dappled[2] golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes[3].

History Edit

In the New Prophecy series... Edit

Mothwing was first seen at the Gathering when Leopardstar tells all the Clans that Sasha, who was a rouge at the time, joined Riverclan only to leave. She left Mothwing and her brother, Hawkfrost, with the Clans. After some bickering with the other Clans, Leopardstar points out that if a kittypet could become leaders, why shouldn't rogues become warriors.

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